QAFSCO  is a privately held company  established in Amman , Jordan in 2014 . to service the Middle East and North Africa Oil & Gas Industry in the region with drilling / workover  services, Technical consultation, drilling engineering , project management and safety awarnees and risk assesmnet and Saftey woking tools , with active office in Libya in coopoartion with Local Partner ( Rahila Libya Oil Filed service ) .

QAFSCO  main asset is the expertise and knowledge of the partners and staff in both the Operating and the Service side of the Oil industry. QAFSCO management  has worked in some countries in the regoin and they are familiar with Oil & Gas operators in the area, their requirements and local knowledge.

QAFSCO  is committed to provide quality services and in safe, efficient, cost effective manner that meets the customer’s requirement and expectations.

QAFSCO  supplies BRADY LablePrinters , Lockout and tag out tools . we also supply Ultrasonic flow meter , Casing accessories , cementation accesories , EEP and FIre Engines .