External Casing Packers (ECP)

External Casing Packers (ECP)

Continuous Mandrel ECP assemblies are designed with packer elements in 4 Foot (1.22m), 10 Foot (3.05m), and 20 Foot (6.10m) lengths. World Oil Tools packer elements soundly conform to irregular or washed-out hole diameters. Steel reinforcement slats are used within the elements to ensure that the ECP self-centers itself in vertical, deviated, or horizontal wellbores.

Tools are available in Standard and Special clearance models. Standard clearance tools are used where higher differential pressures are encountered across the packer element. Special clearance tools are used for applications where restricted hole diameters may occur.

Continuous Mandrel ECP assemblies are typically inflated with cement displacement fluid. An integral screen prevents coarse particles from entering the valve system. The valves are designed with high quality materials, which will not erode when abrasive materials are pumped through the system.

The World Oil Tools valve system provides positive closing, after the element has been fully inflated to pre-determined pressure. After the shear valve has shifted to the final closed position, a mechanical locking device ensures that no further movement will occur.

World Oil Tools inflatable elements are available with Standard and Advanced elastomer compounds. Standard elastomer compounds may be used for temperatures up to 240° F (115° C). Advanced elastomer compounds are made available for applications in which temperatures reach up to 350° F (180° C).