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No process interruption for installation, no pipe modification necessary - maintenance-free (no need for frequent work in hazardous areas)
Certified for operation within hazardous areas (ATEX / IECEx Zone 2 and FMC Class I, Div. 2 certified)
Fast measuring dynamics (output of measurement data every 10ms), capturing highly pulsating flows
Reliable measurements of slurries or liquids with gaseous entrainments (>10% of total volume)
High operational safety with no risk of leaks
Independent of pipe material, diameter, wall thickness, and internal pressure and temperature
Accurate and repeatable measurement readings - even at extremely low flow rates (high turndown ratio)
Highly cost-efficient in comparison to wetted instrumentation
Every measurement system is pre-calibrated in-house (traceable to national standards) and delivered with a calibration certificate
Matched transducers, integrated temperature compensation (according to ANSI/ASME MFC-5.1-2011 regulations) and advanced digital signal processing guarantee high zero-point stability and drift-free measurement readings
Permanent coupling with unique couplant pads, FlexSpring secured mounting fixtures guarantee durable contact pressure also on heavily vibrating pipes
Bidirectional communication as well as remote set-up and diagnostic capabilities
Enabling complete monitoring of processes as well as supervision and control of critical operations

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